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Birthday Live, Kids are great!

We almost had more kids than adults at the birthday live this afternoon. As were fun and well behaved. I enjoyed observing the languages used and most of the children are raised in English-Japanese homes. It seems most opted for Japanese amongst themselves, but weren't always sure whether to speak Japanese or English to me. The older ones (probably the 5-8 crowd) were the most fun for me. I had three or four that I felt were my cheer squad as the hung out at the bar (where we served food as well as drinks) and stared at me with smirks. One boy in particular, who had a slight British accent, was more outspoken and told me what he thought of the cake and the foods he wanted to eat. Towards the end of the afternoon, he saw Jake at the bar for the first time. He had seen him in the back frosting the cake and they were certainly buddies. So when he realizes that the Jake is the only person emerging from the back he says, " Only ONE Chef?!...   BEAUTIFUL ...food!" Jake understood the very clear pronunciation and was flattered. The boy continued, "Genius! ...Genius!" and gave a thumbs up. Then he paused and said, "Are you poor?!"

I love running a bar and speaking with adults most of the time, but a couple times a year, it's fun to have a bunch of kids running around and interacting in our second home of Crawfish.

HAPPY Birthday, Rich!


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