Sexy half Japanese men

Everytime I see one, I think, "Damn, I could make one of those!!" that terrible?!

zipper style

This was supposed to show the stylish zipper on the side of her jean shorts. If I had legs like hers, I would buy these jean shorts.

Buddy is not your typical Golden

Took Buddy with us on our last snorkeling day trip and tried to get him in the water. He does know how to swim, he just doesn't like it!

Give Carol presents day...

 Free bacon on my subway sub and 10% off my coffee today! TGIF!

obon holiday week

Forgive the generalization, but I have just come from the super market toward the end of a major summer holiday week in Japan and it was full of sad looking men thinking, "Gosh, I wish I had a wife."

It must be hard to take 5 days off when you identify with work so much.

DMV today...

I finally got to renew my Japanese drivers license and witness the famous road-rules video first hand.

After years of anticipation, I must say, I was a little disappointed. I only cried once. Here's hoping my driving record in Japan remains spotless for the next three years.

If it does, I only need to sit a 30 minute class to renew my license next time. 

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Our baby turns 1 today...


I love my guys!

Rock Yo Face Off FOR JAPAN last night...

...raised 67000 for Tohoku!

Do you think that she had anything to do with it?!

I KNOW that these guys did!


Thanks Mootekkis for arranging Rock Yo Face Off FOR JAPAN! at Crawfish along with Playfight, Icon Girl Pistols, and body painting by Ponzi.

An amazing line-up and a really fun night.

The Mootekkis are back with a new line-up July 9th at Crawfish.

Confused about the humor...

I've never understood the common practice of asking someone a trivia question which you already know the answer to only to prove that the questioned person is not knowledgeable about something.  This often happens between men and women (i.e. traditionally gender-centric topics like make-up or tools), people of different countries (i.e. national sports or politics), people of different age groups (i.e. pop culture by generation). 

Being a bartender, I am targeted often.  But I'm not a fanatic about much of anything. Even with music, I hardly know band and song names, but I love music. Why can't we just enjoy what we enjoy and not try to call people out all the time.

Let's stick to teasing people for things that really are funny, like falling down (without injury, of course!).

Hawai'i Alaska - The movie trailer

Here's your sneak peak.

It will take at least a couple weeks to actually get the movie/s completed, but I am proud that I did this before even setting foot back on Japanese soil.

Having the time of our lives, lots of adventures. Looking forward to getting back home to family, friends, and even work, but also wanting to stay in paradise forever!

Enjoy the movie trailer teaser!